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We will Remember and Celebrate GOD'S LOVE AND GRACE every day in every way!

Why Family Discipleship?

Our church has been invited to participate in a Faith Formation cohort with 9 other churches in the denomination to discuss and research family discipleship. Studies show kids learn & retain spirituality more from their parents/family setting than anywhere else as they grow. Instead of having families revolve around our programs at church, what if our programs were designed to support the home? What kind of a difference could we make in our congregation and community? 

Vogel Center's Cohort 

Our cohort meets about once a month to discuss this topic as it relates to our church & community. We will be trying a couple ideas in the spring/summer of 2019 and reporting back to the other churches in the Faith Formations cohort. We will update the website as they are happening! 

Team members: Adam Barton
                              Brandon DeZeeuw
                              Danielle Hoekstra
                              Cheryl Quist
                              Sara Quist  

Questions or Prayer Requests

Click the link below if you have any questions about resources or ideas to help your family grow closer together and to Christ. We are also taking prayer requests! All questions and requests will be sent directly to Pastor Adam. We will be praying over prayer requests as a staff and council, but please specify if you want prayer requests kept confidencial and they will not be shared.


Resources and Family Tools

Baptism Candles- We bagan handing out candles at all of our baptism celebrations in April 2019. If you or your kids have been baptized already, you can pick a candle package up in the office for just $5! 
FAITH5 Bookmarks- These bookmarks are handy on the go or at home to create conversations around faith. These bookmarks are available for free at church. 
Family Conversations- We are encouraging everyone during Holy Week to try having 3-4 conversations with their kids surrounding faith, or do a devotion together. We want to see what benefits there are to taking even 10 minutes a day to connect together as a family.