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We will Remember and Celebrate GOD'S LOVE AND GRACE every day in every way!

Pastor Adam's Bio

      Welcome to Vogel Center! I am delighted that you are taking the time to learn more about our congregation and the community we serve.  I hope that you experience this community to be as wonderful a place as I have experienced it to be.

     In ministry, I am passionate about the power of the Word of God to change lives and ultimately our whole world.  God speaks; in creation, in Jesus, through his Spirit, and in his written Word, the Bible.  Our calling is to listen, believe, and trust.  Our prayer is that this will always be the heartbeat of Vogel Center Church.  In God’s word we discover the heart of the Good News is the incredible grace and love of God shown most clearly in Jesus Christ and his cross.  This grace and loving is changing us and our world to be more like he wants it to be.  These are the things that are at the heart of my passion, preaching and ministry.

     We live out these things through being the kind of church family and Christian community where everyone belongs, everyone is welcome, everyone listens to each other and encourages each other, and where we pray for each other.  This is how we strive to love all our neighbors in the same way we love ourselves.  We value partnership and collaboration wherever these values line up with other churches and organizations in our greater community.  We strive to hold on the best or our past and our traditions while always moving forward into the new things that God has for us.    

     That is my heartbeat and passion as I strive to live out God’s calling for life and ministry.  


     In my personal life, I grew up in northeast Massachusetts enjoying small town life with little league and boy scouts.  My first jobs were a paper route and picking strawberries, beans and corn for the local farm. My parents were immigrants from Australia and my father was a minister in the Anglican tradition.  

I have been married to my beautiful and wonderful wife, Amanda, for 23 years.  We have five children ages 23 down to 15.  

My interests and hobbies include foster care and adoption, spending time with Amanda and our family, enjoying creation and the outdoors, and triathlons.  


Pastor Adam Barton