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We will Remember and Celebrate GOD'S LOVE AND GRACE every day in every way!

Who are the Council?

          As part of the Reformed tradition generally, and the Christian Reformed Denomination more specifically, our church is led by our Council.  The Council of Vogel Center Church is made up of six elders, six deacons, and the pastor.  

         While elders, deacons, and pastor are equal in authority as responsibility as they lead the church together, they have special roles.

  • The best metaphor for our elders is that they are shepherds. They are responsible for the spiritual care and well-being of our church family and community.  They also make sure that our worship, preaching and ministries are all faithful to the teachings of scripture.  
The best metaphor for our deacons is that they are servants.   They help care for the hurting in our community, both directly and by leading and motivating the efforts of church family.  In this task, they are also stewards of the financial gifts that are given to the church to make sure they are faithfully used to seek and build Christ’s Kingdom.  
  • The pastor’s official title is minister of the word and sacraments.  His primary calling is preach and teach God’s word and to represent God’s grace through the sacraments.*  The pastor also works closely with the elders to provide spiritual care and with the deacons to serve in our church and community.  

The officers of the Council include a chair of council, a vice-chair of council, a clerk, a treasurer, a chairperson of deacons, and a secretary of deacons.


Under the authority of the council are the following committees:

Safe Church (Abuse Prevention)

And the following staff:

Ministries Director
Outreach Director
Church Administrator

* In our Reformed tradition, the two sacraments are baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Current Council Members

Elders - Jason Hoekwater, John Quist, Loren Quist, Den Agema, Phil Hoekwater, Larry Westmaas

Deacons - Jacob England, Dan Hoekstra, Austin Lucas, Kenda Gernaat, Jon Lutke, Jerry Quist

District Elders
A-C: John Quist/Jon Lutke
D-Hoekstra: Loren Quist/Jerry Quist
Hoekwater-K: Den Agema/Jacob England
L-P: Larry Westmaas/Kenda Gernaat
Q-T: Jason Hoekwater/Dan Hoekstra
V-Z: Phil Hoekwater/Austin Lucas
Marquette: Andy Liimata