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Abuse Prevention Plan

Our council has just approved our first Safe Church Abuse Prevention policy in June 2017, which will be reviewed annually. 

We are currently starting to train and teach our vounteers using this document, with goal of having this (and the building up to policy standards) accomplished by mid- 2018. 

"Vogel Center Christian Reformed Church (VCCRC) desires to provide a caring and loving environment for people to worship God, engage in ministry activities, and grow spiritually. The church is urged by Scripture to promote the peace and maintain the purity of
Christ’s body, and it has been charged with a public and sacred trust. When this trust is broken, the gospel is hindered and can have devastating results to children, adults and the entire church’s reputation."


Vogel's Safe Church Team: Danielle Hoekstra, Tabby Martz, Terry Lutke, Marv Bode, and Phil Hoekwater.

View our policy here.

Print parental consent form here.